Jazmin Saenz, Senior VP, Strategic Marketing & Data Analytics

Jazmin Saenz is an experienced senior marketing professional with a demonstrated history of performance wtih particular focus on the medical and dental industry. She is highly skilled in marketing strategy, data analytics, digital technologies, CRM and retention strategy, and leading teams.  She supports our clients in all of these areas and heads up our Independent Marketing Reporting services.

In addition to her expertise in marketing, she has proven success in building new departments, establishing processes and procedures, project management, and gaining internal alignment.

Jazmin started her career in analytics and has utilized that knowledge in all positions that preceded. This experience has provided a practical and metrics-driven approach when developing marketing strategies. Yet, as analytical as Jazmin is, she still has a healthy dose of creativity that brings a balance needed in marketing.

Jazmin has a core value of continuous learning and improvement. She stays true to this by expanding her knowledge of industry trends and devoting time to personal and professional development.