Laurie Campbell, Lead Writer

Laurie Campbell is a senior copywriter and creative director who recently joined Rise. We’re glad to have her vast experience in writing informative, engaging, copy that clearly explains product benefits while motivating consumers to action. Because she has an education and working experience in design as well as writing, she is adept at both and brings a unique, left-brain/right-brain perspective to the work.

She began her career at The Richards Group in Dallas, Texas, then DGWB in Santa Ana, California. After that, she launched her freelance business and has worked for a wide variety of clients over the years including Toshiba, El Pollo Loco, Westin Hotels, CHOC Hospital, UnitedHealthcare, Pier One Imports, Boreal Climbing Shoes and Pirelli Tires. Her versatility, creativity and dedication make her perfectly suited for what we do here at RISE.

She graduated with a degree in advertising from the prestigious Art Center College of Design. After starting her career in advertising, she volunteered and was trained for the Suicide Hotline in Texas. That began her “parallel career” as a volunteer counselor. Eventually, she decided to improve those skills by getting a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis in addictions from UNLV. She loves nature photography as well video work while flying drones with her husband and son.

“I love to work for people who are genuinely interested in helping others while earning a living.”

“I enjoy humor and the people I work with think I’m funny. That, or they’re really good at pretending.”

“You could pay high rates using a firm whose work isn’t as effective. But then, you’d be paying more for less. That’s bad math.”

“I’m committed to getting work done right the first time. If you want something different, I’ll help you figure out what that is. Then, I’ll get it right the second time. Either way, you’ll be happy.”