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At Real Property Management Sioux Falls, we know that one of the main reasons to become a rental property owner is to have the added income that collecting rent provides. We also know that sometimes, it’s just not that simple. The reality of it is, that even the most perfect tenants have things come up where they are unable to pay on time, sometimes even at all.

Real Property Management Sioux Falls uses proven business strategies to streamline the rent collection process. When a new tenant signs a lease with us, we establish our firm but fair rent policies then and there so that there are no surprises. We offer the added convenience of being able to pay online, and if rent is paid on time, our tenants receive discounts to local dining establishments and entertainment through our resident rewards club. If the rent is not paid on time, our collection system is triggered. These processes allow us to get you the rent money in a more timely fashion without unnecessary delays. Visit us today to find out more:


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