FINALLY, A “How-to” For Successful Property Managers

As the leading property management company in Sioux Falls, our client, Real Property Management Express is now offering a free download of their ebook, “Rental Property Success.”

Written by CEO Josh Kattenberg, this book reveals the inside secrets involved in real estate investing to all property managers in sioux Falls. Josh takes the time to explain all aspects of property management for potential investors to consider before taking the plunge. Josh wants all property managers to be successful in their property management journey, and is therefore providing this gem as a reference for any potential or current investors.

RISE has worked with the Sioux Falls property management company for years in an effort to refocus their marketing strategy on helping potential or current property managers have success through education, planning and setting realistic expectations. The offering of this ebook for free is just another way the company is working on that plan while helping investors make educated decisions. As our main focus at RISE is on small business marketing, we are delighted to see one of our clients striving to meet their goals and growing their business as a result.

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